Thanks and Praise

Liturgy is celebrated in the Eucharist and all the sacraments, in the daily marking of prayer in the Liturgy of the Hours, and in the rhythm of the liturgical year—our commemoration of days and seasons dedicated to the Lord and his wonderful works throughout history.

The word liturgy comes from a Greek word that translates as “the work of the people.” All the people of God have a role in every liturgical celebration. Each Sunday at Mass, for example, the liturgy is the work of the priest, deacon, lectors, altar servers, cantors and other musical ministers, ministers of Holy Communion, ushers, greeters and the entire assembly. And all are welcome to participate according to their gifts and the call they experience from God to participate fully and actively in liturgy.

Liturgical ministers are not set apart as privileged; they seek to serve the People of God. Those who feel called to serve the parish community as a liturgical minister are invited to participate in formation and training. We welcome parishioners of all ages and stations in life to inquire into how they can minister at our parish liturgical celebrations.

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