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The “Turkish Pope”

In the courtyard of the Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Istanbul (in Turkish, “Sentantuan”), stands a beautiful and richly symbolic statue of the man who will be canonized as Pope Saint John XXIII in a few weeks, on April 27, Divine Mercy Sunday.

Muslim Turkish tour guides proudly refer to him as “our Turkish Pope.” In fact, there is a street named after him, “Papa Roncalli Sokağı,” Continue reading

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” . . . have mercy on me, a sinner.”

We have a lot of trouble with sin.

Mostly because we run away from it. We deny it, at least in ourselves.

But we easily recognize sin in others. We are quick to accuse people we don’t like; and equally quick to excuse those we do like.

And yet, we can’t escape it.

Everywhere we turn we are confronted with Continue reading

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Behold the Wood

In 1981, I composed a photo-poem about the Way of the Cross from the perspective of the wood of cross.  If you were the tree upon which Jesus was crucified, how would you feel? What would your reactions be?  Behold the Wood is a journey that carries you deep into the meaning of the central Event of our salvation.

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Announcements for April 5-6

Next weekend is Palm Sunday, and the liturgical color of the day is redSo, we invite you to wear something red today in honor of the Passion of Jesus.

Click here for this week’s bulletin (PDF), and here for past bulletins archive. For parish announcements as a web page,  Continue reading

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We Are All Blind

Have you ever seen “The Miracle Worker,” the 1962 movie about Hellen Keller? Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke got best actress and best supporting actress for their roles in this film.

One of the most famous scenes in that movie was when Annie Sullivan, Helen’s tutor, finally overcomes Helen’s inability to connect words with the world around her. Furious at Helen’s behavior during dinner, she drags her out to the yard and pumps water over Helen’s hands as Annie repeatedly traces the letters for “water” on Helen’s hand.

Suddenly, Helen calms down and begins to vocalize the word “water.” She gets it. She goes down on her knees and connects the word for “dirt” with what she is scraping up in her hands. She runs her hand over branches as she says “tree.”

Helen Keller never asked to be freed from her solitary world, where she could not see, hear or speak. But Annie Sullivan came and lifted her out of it, sometimes against Helen’s violent opposition. In a way, she gave Helen sight; she made her aware of her world and able to understand it. Continue reading

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