Get on the Bus

Get on the Bus is a program that takes children and their caregivers to see a mother or father, who is incarcerated in a California prison.

The trip is either made in May in the case of a mother or in June in the case of a father. The main thing to remember about Get on the Bus is the project is for the children, who have been away from their parent for years or in some instances have never seen their parent.

Each year Good Shepherd Parish usually sponsors at least one bus at the cost of $4,000, which is obtained by parishioner donations. In addition to the base cost of the bus, family volunteers are needed to meet the child’s caregiver and fill out the paper work for the prison, people who will either donate or get donations for the snacks and supplies on the buses (kids eat a lot of snacks) and donations for the 4:00 a.m. breakfast that the children and care givers eat before they get on the bus. Volunteers will also be needed to prepare activity bags so the kids will have something to do on the 4 hour bus ride to and from the prison.

Volunteers are also needed at 3:30 a.m. on June 19 to help by greeting the families and making them feel welcome, signing families in, serving breakfast, loading the buses with supplies and snacks, and seeing off the children and caregivers as they start on their trip to the prison.

You may also donate using the “Get on the Bus” website, and if you do, please use the code CMC 02 so that our buses will get credit for the donations. This year the “Get on the Bus” organization has lost several grants that they have had for years and so know that your donations are most appreciated and needed in these tough economic times.

If you can help, please contact Lucas Flanagan at lflanagan(at)gsbh(dot)org or 310.285.5425.

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