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Saint of the Day

St. Anthony Messenger presents an illuminating profile of a saint commemorated today.

  • St. Ignatius of Loyola
    The founder of the Jesuits was on his way to military fame and fortune when a cannon ball shattered his leg. Because there were no books of romance on hand during his convalescence, Ignatius whiled aw …


“In All Things” offers daily commentary from the nation’s most influential weekly Catholic journal, America, published by the Jesuits since 1909.

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Updates from “DotCommonweal,” the blog of the prominent U.S. lay-edited weekly Commonweal, published since 1924.

  • Cracking the 'priesthood' of people who speak money
    Today’s New York Times story on Argentina’s apparent financial default isn’t likely to make anyone more fond of hedge fund firms, except maybe those who, like the fund’s manager, tend to valorize the …
  • In case you didn't know
    "While Congress figures out how to pass $225 million in new Iron Dome funding before the August recess, DoD supplies Israel with new ammo. Stars and Stripes' story: "As conflict continu …
  • Ignatius: Reform in Continuity
    It is well known that during his convalescence, Ignatius of Loyola read the Life of Christ and this reading prompted his radical turning to the Lord. The author of the book that so influenced Ignatius …
  • David Frum's "skepticism" and the Israel-Palestine conflict
    There's no foreign-policy issue I've found as frustrating and hard to get a grasp on as the Israel-Palestine conflict. When a conflict flares up, especially one with longstanding roots, the …
  • Archbishop Nienstedt: I will not resign. (Updated)
    In a column that will be published tomorrow, the embattled archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis says he will not resign.
  • Now on the website
    Featured now on our homepage: The editors on reactions and responses to the influx of tens of thousands of Central American children across the Texas border, and Jane Costlow on hopes for new a relati …

Whispers in the Loggia

Rocco Palmo reports on international Church developments from Philadelphia on his widely-read blog Whispers in the Loggia.

  • Facing "A False Choice," At Fortnight's Close, The Church's Case
    For the third year running, this 4th of July marks the finale of the US church's Fortnight for Freedom, the national initiative born amid the specter of the Obamacare contraceptive mandate's …
  • "The Blessing of Equal Liberty"
    We pray, Thee O Almighty and Eternal God! Who through Jesus Christ hast revealed Thy glory to all nations, to preserve the works of Thy mercy, that Thy Church, being spread through the whole world, ma …
  • The Barque Rocks On
    Simply put, it is the oldest continuous office on Earth.One thousand nine hundred eighty one years in existence…. Two hundred sixty-six occupants…. A line that encompasses great saints and walking …
  • "The Problem For Us Is Fear" – On Pope's Day, Francis Calls Bishops To "Follow"
    Marking the patronal feast of Rome – and, indeed, the papacy itself – on this solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul the city's 266th bishop led the 30th anniversary of the tradition instituted by St …
  • In Michigan, A Spartan Shift – Lansing Chancellor Raica to Gaylord
    As the Curia's "end of school" desk-clearing reaches its close, the US' longest-standing vacancy has been settled.At Roman Noon this Friday, the Pope tapped Msgr Steven Raica, 61 – …

  • Stacking out at 73 pages and released at Roman Noon, the all-important Instrumentum Laboris for October's Synod on the Family is available as both html and pdf. Don't let somebody else be yo …

Vox Nova

Church Social Teaching is the focus on this blog by various Catholic writers seeking to discover the connection between faith and public life.

  • A Good Question and a Bad Answer
    Russell Shaw has an article at the Catholic World Report on Vatican II with the title  Did We Really Need Vatican II?  I think the question is a good one, and I wish I had time to ruminate on it at le …
  • The Tired Logic of the Cycle of Violence
    I’m not usually a big fan of Nicholas Kristof, but he has written a perceptive New York Times column on the symmetry of the rhetoric on either side of the Israel-Palestine conflict and its latest flar …
  • Resolved:
    In terms of their general experience, African Americans exist in an economic and social down-draft; white Americans exist in an economic and social updraft. Discuss.
  • Catholic Women on Not Using Birth Control
    If I have been largely silent on the subject of contraception, it has been for two main reasons. Firstly, while I am comfortable with Catholic teaching on the matter, I tend to see it as a secondary i …
  • From “Throwaway” to “Encounter”: A Call to Conversion
    In the recent opening session of the “Mexico/Holy See Colloquium on Migration and Development”, the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, read a message from Pope Francis as well as add …
  • Miserere Nobis
    “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to Me.”

The Deacon’s Bench

Deacon Greg Kandra of the Diocese of Brooklyn offers interesting news related to Church life and society on his blog.

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