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Love in Community

Do you know who Dorothy Day was? She was a radical socialist who became a Catholic; she always kept her passion for the poor and her distrust of authority throughout her life. She died in 1982. She was always betting … Continue reading

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Congratulations Fr. John Palmer on your Ordination to the Priesthood

Our own John Palmer was ordained as a priest by Archbishop José Gomez yesterday, May 31, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The entire event, more than two hours, is on video and can be viewed on your … Continue reading

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What Jesus’s Ascension Means for You and Me

During his lifetime, Jesus could be in only one place at a time. For example, when he was in Samaria offering living water to the woman at the well (Jn 4:5-42), he could not simultaneously be in Jerusalem healing the … Continue reading

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The Good Shepherd

We are the Church of the Good Shepherd, and today, the Fourth Sunday of Easter, could be considered our special feast day. Each year, in the Gospel for this Sunday, a selection from John 10 is read at Mass. In … Continue reading

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What Is the Church? Who Are We?

As early as I can remember, my Mom, a daily-Mass goer, taught me the little children’s game on the cover picture. Do you have similar memories? In searching the web for non-copyrighted images I could use, I ran across these, … Continue reading

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