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New Life for Ghost Boys and Girls

In January of 1988 a 12-year-old South African boy named Martin Pistorius was sent home sick from school. He got worse. And worse. And worse. He was weak, he couldn’t eat, it was painful to walk, he became forgetful. Eventually … Continue reading

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Assumptions and the Akedah

What color is this alb? White or blue? This past week The Dress caused us all to rethink what we assume may be apparent to everyone. My assumptions about something that is very clear to me can be very wrong. … Continue reading

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Together In Mission

Last Sunday, Deacon Jim Carper,  gave the homily at all Masses. Launching from the message of the Scripture readings, which call us to be instruments of Jesus compassion and healing touch, he led all of us in considering a generous … Continue reading

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Come and See

In today’s gospel reading Jesus calls his first disciples. John the Baptist tells his disciples that Jesus is the one to follow. Two of them come up to him. When Jesus asks what they want, they stammer and appear at … Continue reading

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St. Francis and the Creche

Did you know that the tradition of the manger scene, such a familiar part of our celebration of Christmas, began with St. Francis of Assisi? In the year 1223, St. Francis, a deacon, was visiting the town of Grecio to … Continue reading

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