All of us are called throughout the year to be shepherds. We are called to invite back our stray brothers and sisters who have left or drifted away from the regular practice of their Catholic faith. During this joyous advent season, why not reach out to one lost and out of the fold by inviting them back to their Catholic faith and the Church?

Your kind and gentle prodding, along with spiritual healing grace, may be all that is needed to bring someone back home to faith and church. You may want to take with you one of the white embossed invitation cards from a pew or the tables in the foyer at the back of the church. It contains all the information about signing up for the next session of the Landings Program that helps lapsed and inactive Catholics return more fully to their faith by providing a safe harbor to share their faith with other formerly lapsed and inactive Catholics.

Good Shepherd’s Landings Program was established to help lapsed and inactive Catholics return fully to the Church and the practice of the Sacraments. Landings is a lay-run ministry comprised of formerly lapsed and inactive Catholics. Groups meet for 6-10 weeks beginning mid-January 2009 to explore faith issues through sharing stories about leaving, and then, returning to the Church. In order to succeed, we need your help and prayers. Please personally invite a lapsed or inactive Catholic in your life to return to their faith and join us in the Landings Program. Bring a lost sheep home. Thank you for your support and prayers.

For more information about Landings, please see the flyers near the doors, or call the Parish Office at (310) 285-5425.

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