Young Adults

Among the services an active, vibrant parish offers its members, is a deep enriching of their faith life, beyond the sacramental and liturgical rites.

We all need mutual support – friends that challenge and encourage us to cast our concerns on the Lord. We need opportunities to step outside of our personal comfort zones and to serve others in need. We need the mutual exchange of ideas, the suggestion of inspiring books to read, discussion of biblical passages, weekend retreats, thoughtful speakers, and of course, socializing.

One of the easiest ways to find those people is in the Young Adults of Good Shepherd group (YAGS)–a group of people who share something in common along with a desire to learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Through a shared interest and common purpose, YAGS is formed to provide a place where YOU can belong, and grow with a group of friends.
The term “young adult” is applied loosely. We are a group serving the adult community of Good Shepherd in their 20s, 30s, and 40s (even beyond in some cases), married or single. We meet for fun, faith, and fellowship and our goals are to strengthen not only our bonds in friendship, but our faith as Catholics as well.

Throughout the year we organize various activities and welcome parishioners of all ages to be a part of them.

Join the Young Adults of Good Shepherd (YAGS) for:

  • Social justice outreach opportunities
  • Prayer groups, bible study, spiritual reading groups
  • Retreats
  • Social events (dances, bbq’s, movies, dinners, trivia nights, hikes, sports, game nights, etc…)
  • Ongoing education in the faith

For more information on our activities or to be added to the email list please contact us at

You can also check us out on our Facebook Group, Young Adults of Good Shepherd, for upcoming and past events and photos.

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