In common language, “stewardship” simply means taking good care of one’s belongings. But at Good Shepherd, when we talk about stewardship, we mean something more than that.  As Christians, we believe that humans don’t really own anything, per se. God has created all things; everything we “own” is really “on loan” from God. From this perspective, then, stewardship means taking care of God’s gifts. And everything that God has given us — special skills, a nice smile, a good income — is meant not only for us, but for others as well. As strange as it seems, being a good steward of these gifts involves giving them away. As we learn from Jesus’ life, self-giving is the road to true happiness.  This year, how will you use your gifts at Good Shepherd?

We encourage all members of the Good Shepherd community to make a stewardship commitment, as described below.

Step 1. Please read/review the Parish Life Directory for 2014.

Step 2. Stewardship of time. Make a commitment to daily prayer and spiritual growth. Please see pages 2-3 of the Parish Life Directory for an overview and “Prayer and Spiritual Growth” for more detailed suggestions. We recommend writing down your commitment on a card or piece of paper, and putting the card or paper in a prominent place (e.g., near your TV or computer screen, on the door of your refrigerator, next to your bathroom mirror, or on a bookmark in the current book that you are reading) so that you will be reminded every day of your ongoing commitment to prayer and spiritual growth. When writing down your commitment, you may want to use our Stewardship of Time Bookmark, which can also be found near the doors of the church.

Step 3. Stewardship of talent. Make a commitment to get involved in parish life and activities. Please see pages 4-13 of the Parish Life Directory for numerous opportunities for you to share your talents with the community. To join or obtain more information about any of the groups and ministries that are listed in the Parish Life Directory please fill out and submit online our Stewardship Response Card.

Step 4. Stewardship of treasure. Make a commitment to supporting your parish financially. Please see pages 14-15 of the Parish Life Directory for suggestions about discerning how much to give annually to the parish and other charities. We request that you communicate your commitment to us (e.g., by filling out and submitting online our Stewardship Response Card) so that we will be able to count on our commitment and so that we can budget responsibly.

Thank you for your commitment of time, talent, and treasure!

If you have any questions or need help or guidance with any aspect of stewardship, please contact the Parish Office at (310) 285-5425. If you would like a printed copies of the above-mentioned stewardship materials, please call us; and we’ll be happy to send them to you.

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