What Is Good Shepherd’s Story?

Can you help tell the Good Shepherd Story?  Click here to let us know your abilities and interests, as well as any questions you may have. 

Last week I said, “Good Shepherd has a fabulous story, just waiting to be told.” And I invited you to be part of telling it because it’s story is your story; and it’s our story.

Perhaps you are wondering, “Just what is this story?” Is it a history? Is it a biography? Does the idea evoke a scene of storytelling around a campfire? Or a play? Or a movie? Or a book? It’s all of that, and more.

The Greatest Story Ever Told is not merely something that happened in the past, although we must certainly treasure and learn from our heritage. It’s what is happening right now, in the present. It’s the story of your life, of our life. But turn that around. It’s the story of what God is doing in your life, in my life, in our life as a community who share the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

It’s a story that’s told every time we join together to help those in need, whether on our doorstep or in far off lands. It’s a story that’s told whenever we welcome the stranger into our midst. It a story that’s told when we show healing love to the sick and grieve with those who suffer loss. It’s a story that’s told when we share the joy of a newly married couple, and when we witness in awe the birth of new life n our families. It’s a story that’s told when we gather for Eucharist and when we stand together in prayer. It’s a story that’s told when we join with God creatively to bring beauty and order, justice and peace, service and healing into our world.

To enable this story to come alive and continue, it must also be told in words and pictures. The many ministries, activities, and organizations that make up the warp and the weft of the fabric of our parish life have to be better known, so the invitation to become engaged in the work of Jesus Christ and his Church can be heard and answered.

Right now we need some creative people who can help make the story known. Do you have a skill that you’d be willing to consider sharing with our parish community in promoting the life of the parish, of the church?

Are you a writer, journalist, artist, photographer, publicist, videographer, producer, director, editor, historian, researcher, musician, event planner, web-site designer or data-base manager? Your skills can contribute to the many ways our parish can communicate and engage our members and the whole community in living and sharing our story.

Or, do you have a another skill we didn’t name, or simply have some time that you would like to give? There are many tasks that are needed to support and enhance the vitality of our parish.

Can you help? Are you willing at least to invest a little time and interest to explore further what your involvement might look like? Click here to let us know your abilities and interests, as well as any questions you may have.

Our job as Catholic Christians is not only to “make the world a better place,” even though that’s very important; the heart of our job is to bring Jesus Christ – the ultimate sign of God’s total love for each of us on this earth – into every corner of our own world, which is so hungry for this love. I look forward to working with you.

I love you.
Fr. Tom Welbers

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