An Astounding Promise

Our theme verse makes an astounding promise and claim: “we will all be changed by the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ” (I Corinthians 15:51-58). Changed how? Changed when? Changed to what extent?

The key to these questions is found in the source of the victory: our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the source and authority and reason for this astounding affirmation. It is His life, death and resurrection that is the source of any victory we experience in our personal lives and in our interactions with others. On our own we cannot conjure up the power to live in peace. With His power, the opportunities are beyond our imagining.

Too often we see this resurrection claim as a future promise, something that is for after we die; however, it has present power. The life of faith is to be a life of transformation, for as we encounter the living Christ, God’s resurrection power is available, not just for the future but also for life today.

If we really claim this promise, what a difference it will make in our lives and relationships. When we personally experience Jesus’ love and resurrection power then we are able to see others through Christ’s eyes. We will have a compassion and understanding that supersede our own resources. This is the path to true unity.

May we today and everyday humbly come before our Lord and Savior and ask, “Lord, what changes do you desire to see in my life, in my relationships? Lord, release your resurrection power in me today that I may be “changed by the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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