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Emptied and Filled

They looked for Him in a tomb that was empty.

They didn’t find Him. He found them.

He found them where they least expected Him. And He gave them what they did not ask for.

He found Mary Magdalen and the other women in the garden, and gave them His joy.

He found two dream-shattered disciples on their way back home, and gave them His understanding.

He found the Eleven fearfully huddled in the upper room, and gave them His “Shalom,” the Spirit that lets the past be the past. (Isn’t that what forgiveness really is all about?)

He found Thomas, and gave him His healing wounds.

He found the thrice-repentant Simon Peter, and gave him food for His lambs and sheep.

He led them to the holy mountain, and gave them the power to be Him for the world.

My prayer for you as we celebrate our Risen Savior is to cherish the empty places of your heart, for it is there that He will find you by surprise, and give what you could not even conceive to ask for.

He loves you, and so do I.

Fr. Tom Welbers


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Announcements for April 20 – Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to All

We welcome any visitors who are with us today. We wish you and all our Parish family many blessings! Click here for this week’s bulletin (PDF), and here for past bulletins archive. For parish announcements as a web page,continue reading.

Parish Office Closed

The Parish Office will be closed this Monday, April 21 and will reopen on Tuesday, April 22.

Congratulations to our new Catholics

Natalie Abel-Wais,  Elizabeth Coffin,
Suzie Davie,  Tino Hammid,  Eliza Hynes, Ashley Momtahen,  Betty Nguyen,
Melanie Overby,  Monique Pesta,

Jeanette Puertas,  Johnny Sawyer,
Samanha Shoemaker,  Agnes Tao,
Troy Warkentin, James Woolfe
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A Panorama of Popes

Last week I read a very thought-provoking essay in Commonweal magazine on the two popes being canonized on April 27, soon-to-be Saints John XXIII and John Paul II. Provocatively, it was titled, “The Odd Couple,” perhaps because of perceived differences between the two. It certainly has been my experience that strong devotees of the greatness of one, tend to find reasons, according to their own ideological leanings, to downplay the other.

I believe each pope was exactly what God’s Providence deemed best for the Church and the world at that moment. In fact, I’m more and more convinced that the hand of Providence is evident in all the popes of the 20th and (so far) 21st centuries. Why can’t we appreciate the rhythm of diversity, instead of fighting over differences?

I believe in the hand of God’s Providence, but not manipulating history like a puppeteer, nor as a director Continue reading

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Announcements for April 12-13 – Palm Sunday

Click here for this week’s bulletin (PDF), and here for past bulletins archive. For parish announcements as a web page, Continue reading

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The “Turkish Pope”

In the courtyard of the Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Istanbul (in Turkish, “Sentantuan”), stands a beautiful and richly symbolic statue of the man who will be canonized as Pope Saint John XXIII in a few weeks, on April 27, Divine Mercy Sunday.

Muslim Turkish tour guides proudly refer to him as “our Turkish Pope.” In fact, there is a street named after him, “Papa Roncalli Sokağı,” Continue reading

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